Students at our Spanish school in Puerto Vallarta will be placed in carefully-chosen host families who are welcoming to students as well as enthusiastic about sharing their day-to-day experiences with them.

All Puerto Vallarta lodging options must pass a strict and extremely effective approval process prior to housing any of our students. We then continue to monitor each accommodation before, during and after each student's stay to ensure that all of our lodging options provide a safe, reliable and comfortable experience.

Below you can get some basic background information about our student lodging options in Puerto Vallarta. For more detailed information about accommodation characteristics, prices, etc., please visit our website - Puerto Vallarta Spanish School - or click on the links below

Host Families in Puerto Vallarta

A host family is the ideal lodging option for students looking for a full immersion in the language and culture. Local Mexican families, always located within a 20 minute radius of the school, provide students with an authentic and continuous Spanish-speaking environment in which students are constantly speaking Spanish and improving.

Room: single or double
Meal plan: breakfast only or half board

Shared Apartments in Guanajuato

Shared student apartments offer a lifestyle that's more independent than that of the host family program. Apartments, which are shared by students from around the world, are fully furnished. This Guanajuato lodging option does not include a meal plan, but each apartment has a fully-equipped kitchen in which students can prepare their own meals.

Rooms: single or double
Meal plan: no meal plan

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