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As a favorite destination among families, honeymooning love-bugs, college students, gay couples, retired folks and more, Puerto Vallarta makes sure to keep its streets clean and its safety record in top form. Crime rates are practically non-existent, and what little crime exists is of a petty nature. Puerto Vallarta even has an extremely helpful tourist police force to help out travelers with any problems that may arise.

In terms of personal safety, you don't have to go out of your way- focus on having fun! Basically, just keep an eye on your belongings, don't walk around flashing wads of cash, avoid dodgy-looking unlit areas, don't leave your cell phone and camera out on your towel at the beach- you know, common sense stuff.

Emergency Phone Numbers:

  • Emergencies (all): 060
  • Ambulance: 222 1533
  • Fire: 223 9476
  • Police: 223 2500

Medical Services

  • Ameri-Med American Hospital: 221 0023
  • San Javier Hospital: 226 1010
  • CMQ Hospital: 223 1919
  • Red Cross Ambulance: 222 1533

Credit Card Mishaps/ Cancellations

If your credit card has been lost or stolen, you can call the following toll-free phone numbers:

  • Visa: 001 800 847 2911
  • Mastercard: 001 800 307 7309
  • American Express: 001 800 268 9824

Other Useful Information

  • Puerto Vallarta Tourist Office: 222 0242
  • Jalisco State Tourist Office: 221 26 76
  • Visas & Embassies

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