Talpa de Allende, Mexico
talpa de allende

Tucked into the breathtaking scenery of Mexico's pine-covered Sierra Madre mountains is the charming and picturesque town of Talpa de Allende, Mexico.

The laid-back community of about 13,000 residents is located about 4,000 feet above sea level; the contrast of its high altitude with its tropical location bestow the Talpa with seemingly year-round springtime. Enjoy a picturesque town with an vibrant central market, a spattering of interesting museums and lovely colonial architecture and cute restaurants serving up some of the tastiest traditional Mexican food around.

After a long history as an ancient indigenous capital and shrine, Talpa today continues to be a sacred pilgrimage spot for Christians in Mexico. Mexicans come from all around to Talpa de Allende's church - built in 1782 - to honor the Virgin of the Rosary of Talpa, a statue believed to have healing powers.

However, Talpa de Allende has a few more claims to fame, namely its gum crafts. Made from the non-sweet gum obtained from the local Chilte tree, the age-old artisan trade is unique to Talpa de Allende and easily one of the city's top sources of pride. While you're in town, visit the local museum dedicated to the craft and be sure to pick up a few of the elaborate figurines to take home.

There are several buses each day that run between Puerto Vallarta and Talpa de Allende. Catch the blue line behind the Plaza Las Glorias or the red line on the corner of Calle Lucerna and Calle Havre. A second option, particularly if you'd like to explore other towns in the area like the picturesque village of Mascota, is to rent a car and make a self-designed road trip out of it.

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