Festivals & Events

J/24 Class Sailing World Championship

When: March
What: Jointly organized by the Vallarta Yacht Club and the Mexican J/24 Class Association, this international sailing championship taking place in the Bahía de Banderas is one of the most elite events of its kind.
Website: www.j24mex.com

May Cultural Festival

Puerto Vallarta cultural festival

When: May
What: For the duration of the month, Puerto Vallarta organizes a fascinating cultural buffet of art, dance, theater, music and more. Featuring local, national and international artists of all genres, there are events, exhibitions and performances held throughout the city. The city hangs posters with the daily programming.

Independence Day

When: September 14-16
What: The celebration of Mexico's Independence Day is, at least in Puerto Vallarta, actually a major three-day event jam-packed with fireworks, parades, food, dance, live music and a wide variety of time-honored traditions.

Day of the Dead

When: November 2nd
What: Puerto Vallarta, like any Mexican locale, pays homage each year to deceased loved ones during the Day of the Dead. Personalized altars are set up, sugar treats in the shapes of skeletons and skulls abound and marigolds - the flower of death according to the ancient Aztec culture - fill cemeteries. Often, families bring along food and wine to the grave of their ancestors for picnic-like meal.

Puerto Vallarta Golf Cup

When: November
What: Held at the Puerto Vallarta's Tigre and Vista Vallarta golf courses, this major amateur golfing tournament attracts players from Mexico, the USA and Canada.
Website: www.vallartagolf.com

International Sailfish and Marlin Tournament

Puerto Vallarta International Sailfish and Marlin Tournament

When: November
What: Held each year for more than half a century, Puerto Vallarta's International Sailfish and Marlin Tournament is one of the most acclaimed competitions of its kind on the west coast. Fishermen from around the globe descend upon the city for the four-day event in which cash prizes are awarded to the biggest catches out of the Bahía de Banderas.
Website: www.fishvallarta.com

Puerto Vallarta International Gourmet Festival

When: November
What: Easily one of the most anticipated events of the year, the Puerto Vallarta International Gourmet Festival is any foodie's dream. For 10 days, guest chefs from renowned restaurants around the globe serve up elaborate delicacies in hand-picked Puerto Vallarta restaurants, while the over 20,000 people that come to town for the event can also partake in gourmet cooking classes, wine tasting and other special events.
Website: www.festivalgourmet.com

Puerto Vallarta International Film Festival

When: November
What: Supported by the family of director John Huston, who is credited with launching Puerto Vallarta into the spotlight, this annual film festival features major full-length films, documentaries and short films from North and South America. Major movie stars, directors, producers and other big names in "the biz" attend to partake in screenings, classes, conferences and more.
Website: www.vallartafilmfestival.com

Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe

When: December
What: Twelve straight days of processions and festivities characterize the celebration of Puerto Vallarta's - and Mexico's - patron saint on the anniversary of the day she is said to have appeared to a Mexican peasant. Hotels, restaurants, businesses, neighborhood associations and other organizations conduct individual processions to Puerto Vallarta's cathedral, where masses are held practically around the clock. Some of these processions are quite small, while others are more like parades complete with dancers, floats and music. On the day itself, December 12th, there are fireworks and everyone heads to soak in the atmosphere of the Plaza Principal.

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