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While traditional Mexican fare isn't exactly Puerto Vallarta's main selling point, great food certainly is. The stylish city boasts an eclectic array of dining establishments, no doubt influenced by the globe-trotting and historically rather well-off clientele passing through the city in search of sun and relaxation. In fact, countless chefs from around the world have set down roots and opened up world-class restaurants to cater to international taste buds. Austrian, Spanish, Asian, Italian, American, French... in Puerto Vallarta, you can easily quench any craving.

If you're in town during November, be prepared for one of the most exquisite gastronomical experiences of your lifetime, when internationally renowned chefs from around the globe descend upon Puerto Vallarta for its annual International Gourmet Festival.

Luckily, there are a few family-run Mexican eateries that serve up more traditional fare if local cuisine is what you're searching for. Typical Mexican food combines indigenous staples like corn, chili and beans with European ingredients like cheese, pork and beef that were introduced with Mexico's colonization. Another popular and extremely economical option is Puerto Vallarta's plentiful street food stands located throughout the city. Tacos - generally served flat with the ingredients on top so you can fold it however you like - are undoubtedly the most common, but burritos and quesadillas are also commonplace options.

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