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Once a traditional fishing village and now thriving as an international vacation destination, Puerto Vallarta's gastronomical scene boasts a delightful mixture of cultures. So whether you're yearning for crisp white tablecloths and top-notch French cuisine, a brick-oven Italian pizza with all the fixings or just a tasty taco on the go, Puerto Vallarta's restaurant scene has something for everyone... and plenty of everything!

International Restaurants

Foodies from around the world are in for a treat when they set foot in Puerto Vallarta! In fact, the city is far more well-known for its international culinary scene than for its offerings of traditional Mexican fare. World-renowned chefs came to the tropical destination, set down roots and turned their culinary genius into what have become some of Mexico's very best dining establishments.

The gastronomical paradise is quite appropriately like a ready-to-be-savored buffet of cultures and tastes, many of which are mixed and combined into fusion cuisines. While many of Puerto Vallarta's international restaurants tend more towards to expensive end, you can enjoy the offerings regardless of your bank account.

It's no wonder Puerto Vallarta hosts the highly-anticipated annual International Gourmet Festival!

Mexican Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

While international restaurants may be the star of Puerto Vallarta's dining scene, there are quite a few family-run Mexican eateries if you're looking to try more traditional local fare. Learn more about Mexican food: Food in Puerto Vallarta

On a Budget?

Just because you're trying to save your pennies doesn't mean you can't revel in the diverse gastronomical offerings in Puerto Vallarta. Because of its status as an international hotspot, many of Puerto Vallarta's tend to be a bit on the pricey side. However, there are also tons of Mexican and international restaurants in which you can simultaneously please your palate and your wallet.

Another cheap and tasty option is Puerto Vallarta's street food. Food stands selling tacos and other traditional Mexican fast food like "tamales" and "flan" pop up throughout the city... especially heading into the evening hours in the Zona Romántica.

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