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Puerto Vallarta beach

1. Beach

Beach bums, sun goddesses and fun-loving families in Puerto Vallarta have miles upon miles of golden beaches to choose from. The Bahía de Banderas, the sweeping 24-mile wide bay upon which Puerto Vallarta sits, provides picturesque beaches, isolated sandy spots reachable only by boat and colossal sandy stretches packed with tourists. Learn more: Puerto Vallarta beaches.

2. El Malecón

Lined with swaying palm trees and funky sculptures, Puerto Vallarta's seaside boardwalk is easily one of the city's most beloved assets. Be sure to take an evening stroll along with the rest of the city for an unobstructed and absolutely spectacular view of the sun setting over the shimmering bay.

3. Casa Kimberley

Casa Kimberley

Puerto Vallarta was thrust into the international spotlight back in the 1960's thanks to Elizabeth Taylor's steamy affair with Richard Burton, who was in town filming the movie The Night of the Iguana. Burton bought a home in downtown, bought the home across the street as a gift to Taylor and connected the two with an elegant pink bridge. Nowadays Casa Kimberley is part bed-and-breakfast and part homage to one of Hollywood's timeless super couples.

4. Weather

Situated along the same latitude as Hawaii, the two tropical destinations also share palm trees, pristine beaches and warm sunshine all year-round. In fact, the average annual temperature is 82ºF (28ºC), making every day in Puerto Vallarta a beach day. Learn more: Puerto Vallarta weather.

5. Outdoor Activities

Scuba diving in Mexico

From swinging through the trees tops to horseback-riding through the jungle, there is an endless of things to do outside in the air, on the land or under the sea. Try out scuba-diving, whale-watching, mountain biking, sunbathing... you get the idea! Learn more: outdoor activities & watersports.

6. Old Town

The influx of tourism in Puerto Vallarta hasn't chipped away one bit at the historic charm of the "Old Town," which is located partly in the downtown neighborhood and partly in the Zona Romántica. Winding cobblestone streets, stucco houses and colorful potted flowers create a beautiful setting that speaks volumes of Puerto Vallarta's past as a quaint sea town.

7. Nightlife

Puerto Vallarta nightlife

Once the sun goes down, Puerto Vallarta cranks up the music, pours the cocktails and dances 'til dawn! Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta caters to all tastes and lifestyles: artsy cafés, swanky rooftop lounges, techno-blasting discos, rock bars... the list is endless!

8. Food, food, food!

Puerto Vallarta, while not known for "traditional" Mexican food, is famous for its gastronomical scene. Seeing potential in Puerto Vallarta's international status, countless top-notch chefs from around the world have packed up their spatulas and moved to Puerto Vallarta, where they have opened up world-class restaurants that appeal to foreigners' international palates. Serving up everything from typical Austrian cuisine to Mexican-Asian fusion, it's no wonder that Puerto Vallarta hosts the wildly popular annual International Gourmet Festival!

9. Art

Puerto Vallarta sculptures

Along with towel-toting sunbathers and international foodies, Puerto Vallarta attracts artsy types from around the globe. Frequently hailed the art mecca of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is home to countless art galleries that feature indigenous Huichol art right up through contemporary creators. So whether you're in the market for a new piece for your living room or just interested in taking a look, revel in woven tapestries, folkloric paintings, elaborate ceramics and everything in between!

10. Excursions

Mexico is a diverse and vibrant country begging to be explored and Puerto Vallarta, with its prime location and excellent means of transportation, is the perfect starting point for all sorts of day trips. Explore beautifully conserved colonial towns, isolated coves not reachable by car and even one of the few remaining Huichol - an indigenous culture traced back centuries - villages.

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