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From souvenir gag gifts to traditional Mexican crafts, world-class art and designer duds, Puerto Vallarta's shopping scene is every bit as diverse as its cuisine.

Puerto Vallarta's city streets are brimming with unique shops just waiting to be browsed... not to mention the assortment of major shopping centers typical of any modern city. There's really no "shopping" district in Puerto Vallarta, so just enjoy the sights and the sun as you peruse the city streets and walk along the malecón, all the while poking your head into any shop that may catch your eye.

If you're in the market for something special to fill that empy wallspace back at home, Puerto Vallarta's countless art galleries are calling your name. In fact, Puerto Vallarta's art galleries, featuring local and international artists of all genres, have made the city an internationally-renowned art mecca.

There is also a lively flea market located right by the Río Cuale, the river that divides Puerto Vallarta in two. Test out your bargaining skills as you haggle your way down to the best deals on pottery, leather goods, colorful woven "sarapes," silver jewelry and much more.

Shopping in Puerto Vallarta: What to buy?

  • Art
  • Huichol crafts: Beadwork, thread paintings and jewelry made by the indigenous Huichol indians, some of which live in the nearby village of San Andrés Cohamiata.
  • Blown glass
  • Woven goods: wall hangings, wool sarapes, etc.
  • Ceramics and baked earthenware
  • Leather goods
  • Silver jewelry

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