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Spirited Mariachi bands parading through plazas and belting out traditional ballads comprise one of the most popular images of "typical" Mexico. Puerto Vallarta's state, Jalisco, is the birthplace of Mariachi music, so naturally you have a good chance of bumping into these roving entertainment groups out and about in the city or enjoying their music and jokes in a bar or restaurant.

Mariachi bands typically consist of a hodgepodge of trumpeters, violinists and guitarists who accompany the singer. Dressed to the nines in broad-rimmed "sombreros" and matching costumes, Mariachi's aim to entertain folks with music and stories wherever there's a crowd: town plazas, parties, restaurants, etc.

In Puerto Vallarta, there are two sure-fire places to go if you're in search of this music splash of local color. The first, the atmospheric Tequila's, is a bit more on the touristy side, while Mariachi Loco has a more Mexican feel that appeals to tourists and locals alike.

Mariachi Venues in Puerto Vallarta

Tequila's Café
Galeana 104
Tel: 222 5725

Mariachi Loco
Corner of Cárdenas & Vallarta
Tel: 223 2205

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