Puerto Vallarta airport

Puerto Vallarta's airport, the Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport, is a major transportation hub linking Puerto Vallarta to countless destinations around the world. Thanks to the hundreds of flights that arrive and take off each week, thousands upon thousands of travelers get to experience Puerto Vallarta and all it has to offer.

There are a few ways to cover the roughly 10 kilometers between downtown Puerto Vallarta and the airport. The quickest way is inevitably catching a taxi. Five or six dollars will get you from the city center to the airport, while a trip from the airport to the city center will probably cost you a bit more.

While taxis in Puerto Vallarta are generally quite inexpensive, an even cheaper option - especially if you're not too laden with luggage - is to hop on the local bus. Just outside of the airport exit, look for buses that say "Centro" or "Olas Altas"; both lines go into town and will cost you just a few coins. From the city center to the airport, the buses to keep your eyes peeled for are those that say "Aeropuerto," "Juntas," and "Ixtapa." These will drop you off right at the entrance. Finally, there are also plenty of car rental agencies stationed in the airport.

Airport in Puerto Vallarta

Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport
Road to Tepic, Km. 7.5
Tel: 322 221 1537
Website: vallarta.aeropuertosgap.com.mx


Tel: 1 800 006 2200
Website: www.aviacsa.com

Tel: 1 800 229 8322
Website: www.aazteca.com.mx

Tel: 1 800 685 5500

Tel: 1 800 426 0333
Website: www.alaskaair.com

Tel: 1 800 435 9282
Website: www.ata.com

América West
Tel: 1 800 235 9292
Website: www.americawest.com

Tel: 1 800 360 3300
Website: www.magnicharters.com

Tel: 1 800 502 2000
Website: www.mexicana.com

Tel: 1 800 021 4000
Website: www.aeromexico.com

Tel: 1 800 900 5000
Website: www.continental.com

American Airlines
Tel: 1 800 904 6000
Website: www.aa.com

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